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The short version.

My name is Lola Banjo and i have been taking digital photos for about 7 years. My photographic style is bold, colorful and full of life. Photography to me, is life. There's no better way to freeze time and preserve precious moments in our lives than with a photograph. Only something as amazing as a photograph can tell a story without using any words.

My goal is to be as good a photographer as i can possibly be someday. Thanks for following along in my journey. =)

The Long version.

The cliche thing to say is that i've wanted to be a photographer "ever since i was a little girl", but truth is, this really is a dream come true...

My earliest memory of shooting was playing with my father's Polaroid camera at the age of 5. By 7, i began scrap booking and designing my family's photo albums. At 10, I became obsessively fascinated with comic books, and having two brothers, i had ample access to plenty of them. I soon took an interest in drawing and painting any chance I got. It was then i started recognizing my love for visual arts. However, because i believed in the brain function laterization theory (i.e humans are either left or right brained - analytical or creative), i never really took my creative side seriously because i was already very analytical (I love Mathematics).

But in between learning to do Partial Differential Equations in middle school and planning my life as a future engineering student, i always wished a time would come when i'd be able to explore my creative abilities as well...

That time did come during my 2nd year of college. While studying for my first degree (a BS in Materials and Polymer Applied Science Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Economics), I took up Graphic Design, and later established my first ever company, a successful Graphic and Web Design venture called LD Solutions Inc. Meanwhile, my love for photography never receded and i carried a camera with me pretty much every where I went. As my interest in photography grew, so did the size and quality of my cameras and lenses and in no-time, I became secretly infatuated with achieving photographic excellence. I poured a lot of money, time and effort into improving my abilities and by the time i was done with my second degree (a MS in Financial Engineering/Mathematical Finance and Risk Management), I was ready to launch May83 Photography, which I did in August 2007.

I never wanted to have to choose between my love for mathematics/numbers and my love for creativity/visual arts, and i am very glad that i did not have to =). I discovered that both passions can peacefully co-exist very well indeed. I feel extremely blessed to be able to do what i love 7 days a week. Finance and Photography may seem really quite different, but to me, they are two peas in a pod. They both require intuition, ambition and a seemingly unhealthy dose of passion and love =).

My photography style is...bold, colorful and full of life, just like I had always dreamed it. I love to study my subject like one would a piece of invaluable art. Each shot is carefully planned and pre-meditated like it is the most important shot I will ever take. I see beauty in the most mundane things, and i particularly love the look of shock, awe and excitement on people's faces when they see themselves captured in ways they had not before thought was possible =).

I am by no means an expert yet; I am only just beginning. But I don't believe there to be a more eager, determined and ambitious student of photography than I am, and I know that with each click of my camera's shutter, I will only get better. Thanks for following along with me. =)

Other Stuff
- Hometown: Brooklyn, NY.
- Favorite Number: My lucky #7. Its the # of my jersey when i played soccer.
- Favorite Food: Mexican (On The Border Restaurant), Nigerian and Italian.
- Favorite Past-time(s): Watching baseball & football, traveling, listening to music, going to car shows, playing Super hoops at ESPN Zone or Dave & Busters, or doing anything adventurous.